The specie team at Evolin secures specialised coverage for high value, portable items including precious metals, diamonds and fine art that command intricate and considered solutions.

This unique area of expertise requires selective and flexible asset protection during transit, storage and on display. Our team implements a variety of products to accommodate the bespoke requirements of this diverse sector.

Valuables such as fine art, specie and jewellery require superior protection.

With the frequent need for high limits and creative products our team tailor the solution to provide the specialist insurance coverage required. With minimal retentions clients can rest assured that their exposures are mitigated against and assets secure.

From large museums to small private collectors, we build solutions for a broad spectrum of clients across mining, production, sales and display, handling and transportation. Our expertise ensures that the intricacies of each client are aligned with placement of risk into this specialised marketplace.

International Market Access

Global Network of Underwriters

Contract Certainty

Direct access to Lloyd’s of London

Tailored Coverage Solutions

  • Jewellers block including diamonds and jewellery
  • Fine art including paintings, sculptures and ceramics
  • General specie including precious metals, cash and securities
  • Fidelity perils
  • Natural perils
  • Mysterious disappearance and defective title
  • Losses whilst in transit or at secure facilities

We advocate on behalf of a broad spectrum of clients from a variety of sectors

  • Exhibitions
  • Bullion traders
  • Cash logistics
  • Banks
  • Wholesalers
  • Museums
  • Precious metals
  • Auction houses
  • Galleries
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailers
  • Cargo handlers

Key contacts

Gareth Stoppani

Head of Marine & Cargo

T +44 20 3687 3927


Matthew Skedge

Associate Director

T +44 20 3687 3935


Natasha Ross

Senior Broker

T +44 20 3687 3928


Emily Hills

Senior Broker

T +44 20 3687 3938


Jordan Bailey

Account Handler

T +44 20 3687 3984


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